Fall 2012 First Day Details

So it came and went. My first day at CSULB for the Fall 2012 semester. Holy cow, I cannot believe how fast the first year flew, and Summer just passed in the blink of an eye.
I sat in class tonight cracking up at my professor, who I had last year. It’s another Motor Learning class, and I was excited to see that the required text bookimage

is one that I bought 2 years ago just because it looked interesting on Amazon. As predicted, he lectured for 55 minutes and let us go. Part of me is so grateful that I get home early on Tuesday nights, and the other part of me is so annoyed that I drive 80 minutes each way for such a short lecture. Would it be rude to ask if I could just Skype \Facetime the lectures? ūüėČ
I giggled as I overheard excited freshmen chatter about the SWRC, how lost they were, how many hot girls\guys went to school and blunt declarations of their professors. ( My math prof is such a “bro”, I may even friend him on Facebook!) I must admit I missed those excited, overwhelmed and nervous feelings. This time last year I was a bundle of emotion… feels kinda nice being super chill about this semester.

That being said, I cannot wait for Thursday. I’m enrolled in a class designed for individuals with disabilities and we are assessing motor function and skills. Its a requirement for students enrolled in the Physical Therapy program, and considering I already work with kids with disabilities in the water, it’s going to be a great class. I will try to post pics.

Another thing I will try to do is update my “Chalkboard Chit Chat” category more frequently. The stuff these kids write is hysterical!

One side note, the Huntington Beach Core Power Yoga off Beach Blvd is the BOMB! I’m so excited to keep up my yoga practice while in school and use my CPY membership to its fullest potential. I am so excited that I held my Crow Pose for 5 seconds this week.

Victory! The cool thing with my membership is I can use 3 locations in OC, as well as my “home base” studio is San Diego. #Winning!

….and speaking of winning, check out the recently held Alumni game at CSULB featuring gold medalist Misty-May! Go Beach!


“A” is for Revenge!

Class Description Units Grading Grade Grade Points
COMM 611
Sem Negotiation Conflict Rsln
KIN 577
Sport in U.S. Culture
Graded (CR/NC Available)
REC 527
Legal Aspects Leisure Services

So I found out through a “source” on the inside at SDSU the real reason why I didn’t get into SDSU’s Master’s program, even though I got my BA in Kinesiology there. It proved firsthand that it’s not WHAT you know,but WHO you know. How unfortunate that the Graduate Adviser for the program I was planning on applying for was the same professor teaching my last class as an undergraduate…. the class I needed to leave 10 minutes early every class to get to work on time. The semester in which I was working 50 + hours a week, and dealing with major family health issues. Needless to say, it was not my best semester. I still graduated a full semester early with a 3.0 GPA and worked 50+ hours a week. Regardless, my lackluster performance in his class sure did effect his decision of whether I was ‘grad school material” or not. He thought I wasn’t cut out for it, or so I found out… he denied my admission based on some pretty lame assumptions and personality differences.

Fast forward, when I was accepted to CSULB, I made it a personal goal to get straight A’s in all four semesters. Part of the motivation was to see if I could do it for myself, and part of it was just to prove that bastard wrong. This is my second semester of getting a 4.0.

Behold,¬† Dr. V.¬† at SDSU:¬† Mr – ” she’s-not -cut -out- for- grad- school”……SUCK IT!!!!!!¬† ūüôā

Go Beach!

Birthday Reflections

So…. many years ago, I arrived on this planet on May 14th. This birthday is a milestone, as one could say I have hit “mid life”. Holy shit. I am more woman than girl, and getting closer to MILF status than anything else. The weird and totally cliche thing is that I feel like I’m in my mid twenties. I am pretty proud to say that I think I look I great for my age ( or so I’ve been told), and while I can’t really party like I’m 21 anymore, I really don’t want to. I’m more about the quality of my relationships now, not the quantity.

Many, many MANY years ago, my dad arrived two days later, on May 16th. He would have been 79 yesterday.¬† Damn, I miss him…..

I can’t help think about my next birthday. Next year I’m giving myself a Masters degree for my birthday, and that’s a pretty awesome present, if I must say.¬† The journey to get here was pretty long, and¬† I cannot wait to walk on stage and get my diploma.¬† Talk about having my cake and eating it…. I get to celebrate a huge personal accomplishment, my birthday and my dad’s 80th birthday too. That’s reason enough to celebrate.


The Hunt for Homeostasis

Spring semester is finally here! Hooray!

I can remember a time when I HATED school. Completely, absolutely, totally hated school. I failed classes, ditched classes, had no interest in learning anything. I look back at that girl and want to smack her silly. Perhaps it is because I now see the value of a good education, perhaps it’s because I know what I want to study and learn about, whatever reason,¬† my desire to learn has grown exponentially that I can’t even believe I used to be that girl.

How could one not be curious about stuff? With each class, and each day that I grow closer to graduating, I appreciate the impressive web of knowledge that surrounds us, and the intricate balance that knowledge has. Each new idea spawns more thoughts that led to Google searches, trips to the library, watching Youtube videos, reading blogs and having discussions with people. Then the whole process begins anew.¬† The classes I have this semester continue to weave greater and greater webs in my network of questions, curiosities and skepticism’s. My Rec class is a law class, of legal issues in sports, recreation and leisure studies. I am now educated on who my US Congressmen (woman) are, who my Congressional Representatives are for the districts I work, live and play in, and am enjoying learning about the law. My Kinesiology class is a sociology class examining how Sport and Culture are interwoven and the effects on our belief systems. Pretty damn cool. Plus, the class has only 8 students in it,and the prof has a groovy “facilitation’ style of leading the class. It’s so great not being lectured at for once! The last class has hit a HUGE button with me, and has led me down the rabbit hole once more.

Interpersonal Communication, conflict/resolution, negotiation…. you mean there is a WHOLE department that studies this? That you can take 4 years of material in this stuff?!!! ARRGGG.!!! The hunt for knowledge begins….

I found myself completely enamored with the knowledge base of my classmates in my Comm class. They had been in the same program for a while, and essentially spoke a whole other language ( and I get it, ‘cuz us¬† Kinesiology people don’t speak an odd language at all * smirk*)¬† My over analytical, research oriented, totally hyper-focused self fought the urge to spend weeks in the library attempting to absorb as much info as I could regarding this world. Twitter feeds, you are an ADHD students best friend! Feeds on Communication, Kinesiology, Recreation, Photography, Sports, Aquatics, Food, Drink, Nightlife…. it keeps rolling in and my questions answered.

The impressive speed in which we access information and the ease to which we gain it can cause ones head to spin around faster than Blair and her green pea soup. For me, it can’t come fast enough, nor are there enough hours in the day to look up “stuff”. I find myself so absorbed in the Internet and looking for answers to the stream of questions my brain produces that life can easily become unbalanced.¬† Quite often, my husband yells ” Intervention!”, to reminds me to ” put the crack down” and return to the real world.

Since the beginning of the Spring semester, that motto has become my mantra. I have vowed to find balance to what easily becomes a very skewed existence. Like Lady Justice, my desire for balance has been already fraught with obstacles and obsession. Too much studying, too much working out, too much eating, too much driving, too much reading, too MUCH!!!!¬† As a complex organic system, physiology seeks to operate in homeostasis. My chaotic world of the first 2 weeks of the semester is akin to a flu virus ripping through my body, creating havoc in its wake. I am grasping to find the balance of new classes, new knowledge, new routines, new boundaries, new expectations, new ideas,¬† and new outlooks. Last semester, I felt human again after about 4 weeks. This semester, the chaos hasn’t taken so long to calm down, because¬† I, finally after two weeks, am feeling like balance in my life,¬† is being restored.

Of course, it’s Super Bowl Sunday.¬† With all the food and drinks I am about to throw into my system, I¬† don’t think it will be too long before my liver and stomach scream INTERVENTION!!!

The Anticipation Proclamation

The beginning of the Spring semester is right around the corner, and with the first day of school looming, ¬†many students are mentally, physically and financially preparing for it. ¬†As a student, the 5 week mental break has been a nice reprieve, but I must admit I have looked forward to some mental stimulation again. I was pleased to get most of the classes I wanted.What I love most about my program is the flexibility….this semester includes a recreation -based class, a kinesiology class and a communication class. I look forward to the Conflict/Negotiation & Conflict -Resolution aspects of my communication class. Considering my rec class is about legal¬†issues in sport, I could not have asked for a better combination!¬†Just call me Cher from Clueless or Elle Woods from Legally Blonde.


I’m sure you are all¬†winning the war of ¬†the “New Years Resolution” , and ¬†now that school is about to start, this is not the time to slack off and let your academic load take over your health and fitness goals. For those in need of a little help in the fitness motivation department, here are bunch of great websites that make record keeping and accountability a snap:

  • Mapmyrun: I love this website and app. I can map my runs, bike rides, hikes and walks, and with the GPS feature, I never have to guess how far I ran. When I use it on my phone, it takes the place of my iPod, Garmin and watch. Sweet!
  • Ptonthenet:¬†For those looking for new exercises and great routines. Break out of that rut!
  • Beer Gut fitness app for android. Check it out. You’d be amazed at how many calories are in a glass of wine!
  • For treadmill junkies, check out the iTreadmill app. No more boring runs!
  • Calorie Counter Pro MyNetDiary App for Android. Track your meals, add exercises. Love it.
  • Get your hands on a ViPR, work out with one ( and with someone who knows how to use it). It ROCKS!
  • Also a fun and amazing tool to train with is the Core-Tex. The creator is Anthony Carey, and if you ever get a chance, go train at his gym Function First¬†in Mission Hills, San Diego. He ,”THE” Derrick Price¬†and Wendy Cole are AMAZING trainers who will rock your fitness world at Function First.

I am excited to be training for both the Tough Mudder and an International distance triathlon in March. For me, I need specific goals to work towards, otherwise, I tend to get really bored. Please feel free to post a comment and leave me what your favorite work out songs are. I really need to pay iTunes a visit. Also, feel free to post your favorite workout app or website too. The more help, the merrier!

Speaking of iTunes, are you all just a little bothered by price increase on the majority of the songs! I feel like the cost EVERYTHING is going up. Perhaps it’s because I just got my tuition bill yesterday and I nearly fell out of my chair. ¬†The constant fear and battle of ¬†“how am I going to pay for this” with the “”how can I graduate in two years, taking 3-4 classes a semester, when the classes aren’t available every semester” I truly feel sorry for those students who are working 2 jobs and attempting a full course load in an attempt to pay for college and graduate in a timely manner. In my attempt to highlight some of my favorite websites and apps for financial planning and responsibility, here are some great ones.

  • Dave Ramsey: This honest and easy to follow guy had great advice and his books and websites really make sense.
  • Mint:¬†Manage your money online or through your mobile apps.
  • Get FREE copies of your credit report! Keep track of it every year, and it will help with purchases of cars, homes and everything else.The Federal Trade Commission has a great amount of information. Check out their website¬† for ways to get your credit reports.
  • CNN Money:¬†Check out their newsletter, and their website is always being updated.

As with many students, the next few days are going to be a flurry of preparation, organization, wardrobe choices and excitement of whats to come. Please stop by again next week to see how the next semester develops and more pics of CSULB and the city of Long Beach.

Shutterbug Shenanegains

Winter break is coming to an end! It’s hard to believe that 5 weeks have passed since the end of last semester,and I have really enjoyed the time off away from the laptop and textbooks. In that time, my holidays were great, and I hope yours were stress free as well. For Christmas, I got a Canon Rebel T2, and here a few pics from the Susan G. Komen 3 Day Walk,¬†wine tasting, my trip to Santa Barbara and News Years Eve & Day.