Its a Vent-i,please!

So we are almost halfway done with this semester and I can safely say this is one of the worst semesters I have ever had-EVER! The root of my dissatisfaction stems from my growing disillusionment of the “system”, and apathetic, incompetent professors that make up a component of that system.

First, there is my Tuesday night professor. Class is scheduled from 7-9:45 every night, and we are lucky if he lectures for longer than an hour, maybe 70 minutes.  Have you seen gas prices lately? Sorry, buddy, but I am not driving 90 minutes one way to listen for 60 minutes to info you will post on Beachboard anyway, and then drive home 90 minutes at $20/gallon. Secondly, the amount of money I shell out to pay for this class makes me bitter and wanting to complain to the department chair or dean at his blatant disregard of  our shoddy return of investment of time and money for this “superior’ educational experience.

Secondly, my Thursday night professor… oh brother. The class has collectively dubbed her the “Most Incompetent Woman in the World”. She arrives late, take 20 minutes to prepare for class, spends most of the time showing videos on Youtube, or has us break up into groups to discuss things like ” What is the difference between Kinesiotherapy and Physical Therapy?” Last week we wasted over an hour in the computer lab working on graphing on Excel. Really? I went to grad school for this? To add insult to injury, this is a combo Undergrad /Grad level class. So I know the price I paid for this class —-and the quality education I am getting is ONE simple article critique above the work the Undergrads are doing. So basically I paid over twice the money the Undergrads paid for the class, and they get to do the same work we do, minus one simple assignment. I get so frustrated at the level of quality instruction is relation to the money we pay. I understand this isn’t Harvard or Princeton, but for crying out loud, is it too much to expect that at a Graduate level, that I get a quality education, that professor are aware of this,that they come prepared and challenge us accordingly? My last semester was such a great experience, that my desire to be at school and be open minded this semester has been challenging.

The Daily 49er recently published this article and I agree with the main point, and have felt that way about high school, junior college and University professors alike. My hubby is a high school administrator and it kills me to see the thick folders of staff that have  numerous write-ups and cant be fired because the power the Unions wield. SICK! I wish there were more stringent evaluations and feedback to which the student body can have a stronger voice in which to keep a teacher or demand a better experience.

Speaking of evals, a topic of discussion in my Thursday night class is that students cant wait to write the professors evals in a few weeks.  I truly wish I could just set up an meeting and be very frank with her about how dissatisfied, frustrated and disappointed many classmates are about this class. Part of me thinks she deserves to know and part of me just thinks in the grand scheme of things, it wont do a damn bit of good. I just need to put my head down and get through this semester. Plus, you never know if then the Prof takes it out in your grade…. and my GPA is not worth risking.

I guess I just needed to vent. Thanks for listening. 8 weeks left, 8 weeks. I can do it!


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