Birthday Reflections

So…. many years ago, I arrived on this planet on May 14th. This birthday is a milestone, as one could say I have hit “mid life”. Holy shit. I am more woman than girl, and getting closer to MILF status than anything else. The weird and totally cliche thing is that I feel like I’m in my mid twenties. I am pretty proud to say that I think I look I great for my age ( or so I’ve been told), and while I can’t really party like I’m 21 anymore, I really don’t want to. I’m more about the quality of my relationships now, not the quantity.

Many, many MANY years ago, my dad arrived two days later, on May 16th. He would have been 79 yesterday.  Damn, I miss him…..

I can’t help think about my next birthday. Next year I’m giving myself a Masters degree for my birthday, and that’s a pretty awesome present, if I must say.  The journey to get here was pretty long, and  I cannot wait to walk on stage and get my diploma.  Talk about having my cake and eating it…. I get to celebrate a huge personal accomplishment, my birthday and my dad’s 80th birthday too. That’s reason enough to celebrate.



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