March Madness

I recognize this is a little late, but hey, better late than never, right!!!!

Oh, James Naismith………sometimes I want to congratulate you on the invention on basketball. Other times, I could kill you for creating a game that steals the hearts and minds of so many during March. This year, you are in my favor, as both SDSU and CSULB were in the Sweet Sixteen. Sadly, they both lost in the first round and dashed my hopes of sporting glory.

Sitting in the Nugget Grill and watching the game ( and attempting to write a paper) will be a great memory. I snapped some pics with my camera phone of the crowds that day.






CSULB had a bunch of local news outlets reporting from campus. It was cool to see the students on the news. The energy was infectious!  Big props for getting noticed and acknowledged for having the coolest uniforms in the NCAA, according to a ESPN sportswriter.

Image    Image

Also, since I am a SDSU alumni, check out this SICK video by their student section and Tim Shelton….Shot at SDSU, if this doesn’t have you BELIEVING, nothing will. Aztecs 4 Life!


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