Things that make me go Hmmmm

So here are a collection of random things that made me stop, scratch my head and pause in confusion,amazement, or excitement.


These are, in my humble opinion, straight up hooker shoes. Nonetheless, I think they rock.



It’s always cool when the classroom is taken outdoors….



This was at the bookstore, on the first day of school of the Spring 2012 semester. Straight up crazy.


This was at the Nugget Grill ( a sports bar) what you can’t see is the television on the left, and of course it was turned to ESPN. I got a kick out of this random girl who came in, sat down, set up her little TV and just started to knit…. whatever floats your boat!



I was at the Starbucks in the library, and I guess my iTunes library get shared with those around me and vice versa. REALLY!!! I burst out laughing at this….


I am neither a fan or foe of Harry Potter, but I laughed at this trash can….


The word “the” would make this so much less funny…. or I could just be a 12 year old boy… this is posted outside the dugout at Blair Field.



This was so random, and yet cool. Out of nowhere, this falcon ( or hawk, who knows) swooped down, sat on a tree branch, then jumped into the leaves here and captured a lizard. In one gulp he swallowed it whole, then flew off into a tree. Not something you see everyday, that’s for sure.

Don’t forget to notice the small wonders around you! 🙂


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