The Anticipation Proclamation

The beginning of the Spring semester is right around the corner, and with the first day of school looming,  many students are mentally, physically and financially preparing for it.  As a student, the 5 week mental break has been a nice reprieve, but I must admit I have looked forward to some mental stimulation again. I was pleased to get most of the classes I wanted.What I love most about my program is the flexibility….this semester includes a recreation -based class, a kinesiology class and a communication class. I look forward to the Conflict/Negotiation & Conflict -Resolution aspects of my communication class. Considering my rec class is about legal issues in sport, I could not have asked for a better combination! Just call me Cher from Clueless or Elle Woods from Legally Blonde.


I’m sure you are all winning the war of  the “New Years Resolution” , and  now that school is about to start, this is not the time to slack off and let your academic load take over your health and fitness goals. For those in need of a little help in the fitness motivation department, here are bunch of great websites that make record keeping and accountability a snap:

  • Mapmyrun: I love this website and app. I can map my runs, bike rides, hikes and walks, and with the GPS feature, I never have to guess how far I ran. When I use it on my phone, it takes the place of my iPod, Garmin and watch. Sweet!
  • Ptonthenet: For those looking for new exercises and great routines. Break out of that rut!
  • Beer Gut fitness app for android. Check it out. You’d be amazed at how many calories are in a glass of wine!
  • For treadmill junkies, check out the iTreadmill app. No more boring runs!
  • Calorie Counter Pro MyNetDiary App for Android. Track your meals, add exercises. Love it.
  • Get your hands on a ViPR, work out with one ( and with someone who knows how to use it). It ROCKS!
  • Also a fun and amazing tool to train with is the Core-Tex. The creator is Anthony Carey, and if you ever get a chance, go train at his gym Function First in Mission Hills, San Diego. He ,”THE” Derrick Price and Wendy Cole are AMAZING trainers who will rock your fitness world at Function First.

I am excited to be training for both the Tough Mudder and an International distance triathlon in March. For me, I need specific goals to work towards, otherwise, I tend to get really bored. Please feel free to post a comment and leave me what your favorite work out songs are. I really need to pay iTunes a visit. Also, feel free to post your favorite workout app or website too. The more help, the merrier!

Speaking of iTunes, are you all just a little bothered by price increase on the majority of the songs! I feel like the cost EVERYTHING is going up. Perhaps it’s because I just got my tuition bill yesterday and I nearly fell out of my chair.  The constant fear and battle of  “how am I going to pay for this” with the “”how can I graduate in two years, taking 3-4 classes a semester, when the classes aren’t available every semester” I truly feel sorry for those students who are working 2 jobs and attempting a full course load in an attempt to pay for college and graduate in a timely manner. In my attempt to highlight some of my favorite websites and apps for financial planning and responsibility, here are some great ones.

  • Dave Ramsey: This honest and easy to follow guy had great advice and his books and websites really make sense.
  • Mint: Manage your money online or through your mobile apps.
  • Get FREE copies of your credit report! Keep track of it every year, and it will help with purchases of cars, homes and everything else.The Federal Trade Commission has a great amount of information. Check out their website  for ways to get your credit reports.
  • CNN Money: Check out their newsletter, and their website is always being updated.

As with many students, the next few days are going to be a flurry of preparation, organization, wardrobe choices and excitement of whats to come. Please stop by again next week to see how the next semester develops and more pics of CSULB and the city of Long Beach.


Shutterbug Shenanegains

Winter break is coming to an end! It’s hard to believe that 5 weeks have passed since the end of last semester,and I have really enjoyed the time off away from the laptop and textbooks. In that time, my holidays were great, and I hope yours were stress free as well. For Christmas, I got a Canon Rebel T2, and here a few pics from the Susan G. Komen 3 Day Walk, wine tasting, my trip to Santa Barbara and News Years Eve & Day.