Goodies &Grub

So yesterday was one of those days where I wanted to eat everything in sight. That being said, I became acutely aware of all the food around me. I thought I’d share some things that caught my eye.

Dial -a-dog? At first I thought it was a hotline for guys that would sleep with you and then never call you again…..image

I love, LOVE sweet potato fries, and the burgers at The Nugget Grill are pretty tasty!


This threw me for a loop. Can anyone please explain why this may even be remotely tasty? I can hear Bubba and Forrest talking now-“Shrimp Cabobs, Cajon Shrimp, Shrimp flavored chips”  And squid-in-a-bag?? Hmmm. I’ll take some Lays Sour Cream n’ Onion any day!


I laughed at this. F’REAL!!! Plus, this is the devil. I wish I could, but my system goes Chernobyl……image

Now we are talking. Sour, Sweet, Chocolate, Sugar…. everything a  crazy hormonal girl may need or want. image

I wonder how it would taste if a grabbed that Squid-in-a-bag and mixed it with the chocolate covered pretzels and some Sour Patch Kids and finished it with a F’Real Milkshake?  One Word: YOBOGOYA!!!!!


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