RIP Penn State As We Know It.

Today was the saddest day for The Pennsylvania State University. Joe Paterno is fired, Graham Spanier is fired, Curley is on administrative leave.  I’m going to keep this short, since there has been so much press written over the last week, but I have never loved Twitter so much. Twitter posts have been blowing up all night describing the scenes as the Board of trustees came and announced their decision.

Since I am a proud graduate of SDSU, and attend CSULB, you may wonder why I care so much.  Let me explain:

1. I’m a kinesiology lover. Penn State has one of the most well-respected Kinesiology programs in the country. I wanted to     move there to pursue higher education, but I met my husband….

2. By sheer coincidence, my husband is a Penn State alumni, whose father works at Penn State. Who’s parents live in State College,Pa.

3. All of his friends are Penn State Alumni, which affects us all.

4. Our house bleeds blue and white!

4. I’m an aquatics professional, and their former and current aquatics personal happen to be well-respected peers.

Today is such a sad day, but what is even sadder are the lives that have been destroyed by Sandusky and all that knew about it, and kept quiet about it.

The ripple effect of their decisions have not only affected innocent children, but have destroyed the Sandusky family, the Paterno family, Spaniers family, the McCreary family, the trust  of the BOT, the Alumni and the student body.

Let today be known as Black Wednesday. May the healing process begin for the victims and their families.




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