The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: 8 Week Recap

Wow. Talk about time flying. One of the things that I love about Grad school is that when you meet only once a week, the weeks just fly by. We are now 8 weeks into a 15 semester, and I am still loving every second of it. Here is my 8 week recap:

The Good

  • Reduced commute times. Both of my professors have had to cancel some classes, thus resulting in a day where I don’t have to drive up to school.  My commute is about 80 minutes each way, so that means less gas, more $$ in pocket AND  more time with my family. THAT is awesome.
  • The Library. Great WiFi.
  • The Nugget Grill: Their Salmon burger and sweet potato fries are so yummy!
  • Getting to know my professors better. They are stating to be more human, and less intimidating, and they are getting to us better, thus interacting with us more.
  • Leadership Academy. I am loving it, if not for the silly team building drills,and the opportunity for me to see what I know and what areas I need to work on.
  • The Horn Center. Its beautiful, loaded with comfy seats, quiet, and located next to my department. Yeah!
  • The Japanese Gardens. So pretty. Read my post about it.
  • I am pulling straight A’s in both my classes. Woot!
  • The disgusting pervert whos’ Tumblr and Twitter sites were taken down.
  • October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Go Boobies!

The Bad

  • Loud cell phone talkers. You guys are everywhere! In the library, in the bathrooms, in the hallways outside of class ( we can still hear you!) Keep it down, will ya!
  • Smokers! Try not to smoke RIGHT outside the classroom doors, ok?
  • Spitters! Gross, I think I just stepped in a spit-wad!
  • My figure. I switched working out for blogging and studying. That’s gonna change soon.
  • The couple that was caught having sex in the third floor of a parking structure and cited. Bummer!
  • The theft that goes on around campus. Stop stealing, people!
  • The crazy drivers in the parking structures. I know you guys want and need parking, but that is no excuse to fly through the structures!! You are going to hit a student or another car.
  • The fact that one of my professors consistently cuts class very short. I drive 80 minutes for a 45 minute class? The class is supposed to be 3 hours long. Forgive me, but the money that I am spending on tuition, divided by the time you teach= I am getting ripped off of both my money and a quality graduate school educational experience. I know most people would love this, but again, I am spending a lot of money and time for this class, and I just wish the professor would respect that a little more.

The Ugly:

  • The body odor emanating from the European exchange student in one of my LA workshops. WOW, dude. DEODORANT!
  • The fact that a few of my classmates FAILED our first exam. OUCH!
  • The a$%hole who walked into a Seal Beach hair salon, and shot and killed 8 people. All because he and his ex-wife were in a bitter custody battle over their son. Now the mom is dead and he is going to jail. You ruined so many innocent lives, but the worst was your sons. F U!
  • The DREAM Act. I put it here because for some, they LOVE it, for others, they HATE it, but either way, I think this issue is going to be an ugly debate.
  • The petition to remove Chancellor Reed. Another potentially ugly issue.
  • The couple in the library. She was sitting on his lap, and they were passionately making out. Gross, people. Go get a room.
  • The girl in the library, sitting on the sofa, with her curling iron plugged in, and doing her hair. Really? You can’t do that in the bathroom. I don’t need your hairspray all over my laptop screen!
Well, that is all for now! I hope you are enjoying the cooler weather and have some fun Halloween plans.

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