Four Week Recap: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

It’s funny how you go through chapters in your life. They open, they close, they end with a  “to be continued”….

 My marriage was the beginning of a HUGE chapter. When I got my Bachelors degree, that closed a chapter that I had fought long and VERY hard for. Closing that chapter was so bittersweet and long overdue.  Now, four weeks into a chapter that I never thought would even be written in the novel of my life, I can say that I haven’t been happier, prouder and more at peace with my life.   

That being said, DAMN, I’m getting fat from the endless cycle of sitting, studying and snacking, my brain is exploding, I have no social life, my wardrobe is dwindling to work out clothes, because they are the most comfortable thing to wear when you sit and study for 8 straight hours, and it’s been tough connecting to students and creating new social opportunities. It has been a busy, crazy and blissful 4 weeks, and here is the summary of it all.

The Good:

  • Starting!!! The first day of school was so amazing. The feeling of walking on campus for the first time can never be duplicated.
  • The Campus. It’s beautiful, spacious and full of bricks, art and trees.
  • Meeting the students in my program and hearing what interests them, their motivations and why they are at CSULB.
  • The anticipation of meeting the professors for the first time.
  • The gym. Glass, brick and full of attractive people.
  • The food. Great variety, tasty and reasonably priced.
  • The variety of ways to get textbooks. They are expensive and heavy. Thank goodness for ebooks, book rentals, Amazon and
  • There are chalkboards in bathroom stalls. So weird and so cool!
  • Learning new, fun, exciting concepts and ideas. Being challenged.

The Bad:

  • Parking. Is there a college campus where you don’t stalk a student for their parking space?
  • Tuition. Tripled in the last 5 years. Less classes, more money, longer time to graduate. Booo!
  • Bitter professors. See above. They are battling a lot, but really, try to understand it from our perspective too.
  • My commute. Honestly, it’s about 70-90 minutes, and not THAT bad, but wouldn’t it be nice to live closer…

The Ugly:

  • Fashion choices of freshman girls! Wow, it’s either short, transparent, or….slutty.
  • Fashion choices of freshman boys! It’s either grungy, sloppy or just plain dirty!
  • The halls of the Kinesiology department. haven’t been renovated since the 60’s. Ugh.
  • The smokers who sit right by classrooms doors. gross!
  • The crazy guy who spewed his religious crap the other day.
  • The other guy masturbating in the bathroom.

It’s amazing what the first four weeks brought, and if the the next two years is going to be like this- wow, this chapter is going to be one hell of a good read!


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