Week Of Wherearewe?

WOW. I have said that many times over these past 2 weeks. From the fashion choices of the ladies here, to the speed in which I travel to and from school, from the endless food choices on campus, and to the diversity of the student body at CSULB.

Thursday brought on another WOW. This time, about the Organization Fair at “Week of Welcome.”

What is W.O.W?  It’s the love child of a job fair and Rush Week. 😉

As I walked up the countless flights of stairs to the Commencement Lawn, this is what greeted me:image

Again, WOW! That is pretty cool. I have some very special people in my life that are die-hard sailors ( go SNIPE!) and I smiled fondly thinking of them. I may have gills, but it’s solely without equipment where I am at my happiest. Well, ok, give me a BC and 100 feet of viz, and I am REALLY happy. I digress. The sailboat was really cool, but I declined a request to join the sailing team. (Sorry, Aine!)

What was not cool were the 12 or so religious based organizations that, as I walked by, jumped in my face with ‘ Excuse me, are you saved?” or ” Will you go to Bible Study with me?” This one was the best: ” Would you like to know how to escape Hell?”

I’m born and raised a Southern California girl, but I truly believe in a different life I was a native New Yorker. My mouth and attitude have gotten me in trouble on more than one occasion, and it was all I could do to rein that girl in, smile politely and press on with a curt “No thank you, I’m not interested.”

Which then lead me to think; “What was I interested in?” One of my goals as I attend CSULB is to break out of my comfort zone, and look for opportunities that could spark some different interests.  So, I strolled along the sidewalk and drank in what all the CSULB clubs had to offer. WOW, the choices.image

Pagan/Wiccan club…. hmmmm… yeah, no.image

I had a good laugh at the Gamers Club, and the Anime Club. It might as well be high school all over again.

Glanced at all the clubs that were of the “helping the world’ category ( Green Peace, Invisible Children, Animal Rights, American Red Cross, etc)  Good for you!

Then came the “Cultural/ Ethic” clubs. I found them fascinating, but where was the ” I’m-just -a-white-girl” club?

 Man, I need some serious flava.

At the very least, I could join the German club, but there was none. Disappointed with lack of representation there, I continued on.

Something shiny and pink caught my eye.  I walked over to, and was taken aback, by the sights, smells and sounds of what I will call the “Greek Isle”.  One long pathway filled with Beta’s, Gamma’s, Zeta’s, Tri-Delts, Lambdas and Sigmas. Attractive girls and guys “tabeling” & recruiting for their respective sorority/fraternity. Again, my inner New Yorker wanted to punch the teeny-bopper 19 year old who bounced, yes, bounced, up to me and said “Like, do you wanna join a great sorority? We do philanthropic work, throw fun parties and do lots of great stuff?”

Oh, to be 19 again.   🙂

I simply smiled, gave her the buddy-tap on the shoulder,and walked on, thinking: Honey, I’m in my 30’s, married, thinking of starting a family, and you think I would be a good candidate for your sorority? I snickered and kept walking.  The image of me, pregnant, going through the hazing process ( dry recruitment, my ass) had me smirking for hours.

I  passed through the throngs of perfectly manicured nails,coifed hair, fake tanner and coconut smelling sunblock to find myself among what could be generally labeled as Career & Professional Development clubs.  These are the groups that are Engineers, Health Science people, math club, political clubs, etc.  The feminist in me was really excited to see a “Woman Engineers club” on campus…go girls!  Overall, I was really impressed with the solid representation of the diverse interest groups that came out to ‘holla’ at us newbies.  I picked up info from some Marketing Club kids, and the Beachmasters, which is CSULB’s chapter of the famous Toastmasters Club. I do, on occasion, stand in front of a few hundred people and banter on about Motor Learning theories and skill acquisition in aquatic environments, so I know this is good for me.

I rounded my tour of the Organization Fair to find…MY PEOPLE… well, sort of. I hit up the the CSULB Triathalon club,  said hello to the CSULB Breakers( Jabawokkeez, anyone?)  the Hip- Hop club, the Archery club, the Shotokan Karate club and the Salsa club, which I was so excited about, until I found out they meet during a time I am in class. Sorry, Dr. C, I can’t make it to class today, cuz I need to shake my booty at Salsa Club….. yeah,no dice.

I said hello to the President of the CSULB Recreation Society. This is the one group I am interested in, considering I am directly involved in parks and recreation in San Diego already. Got some good info, shook a few hands, kissed a few babies, and moved on.

Suddenly, I realized I had missed the most important group, so I did a few laps around the course again, only to confirm that they were not there. Nothing. Not one club.

You see, the Kinesiology department on CSULB is one of the largest departments on campus, with a large student body, and a rather stellar reputation for producing great research and a qualified work force. So, that there was not ONE club that represented the Kinesiology department really surprised me. Where were we?

At San Diego State, we had the Future Physical Therapy Society and the Future Athletic Trainers Society. I thought that CSULB would have something similar. At CSULB, there are 9 sub-disciplines within the department, and it was a hard pill to swallow that for all the sub-disciplines, not one had united to form a club on campus.

On expressing my frustration to the Graduate Coordinator, he simply dismissed it that CSULB was a commuter school, and people in our program were simply too busy to organize a group. Sorry, I’m gonna call bullsh*t on that. There are plenty of Graduate students spearheading and successfully running clubs on campus.  In my opinion, it has nothing to do with busy lives, schedules, research, etc. It has everything to do with putting forth the effort of organizing a group of people that have similar interests , with the intention of creating  friendships, leadership opportunities,community service, and scholarships.  WOW, now I sound like a sorority girl!

So I think I have found a little niche, a little project, and a great big idea for a club. One that I have been very passionate about in San Diego, and one that I think may work up here at CSULB. One that will positively represent the Kinesiology department at CSULB, and represent a factor of the student body that I don’t think anyone has seen before.

A club that will finally shout out to the other clubs on campus ” Here we ARE!”


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