Ladybugs & the Afterlife

So I am not the most superstitious person, BUT, I do believe that there are “signs” that are sent our way, to which we should not take for granted.

For example, my dad loved Fleetwood Mac, and as I grew older,  their albums were in constant rotation in our house. To this day,  I cannot listen to “Gypsy” without thinking of him.  One day, shortly after his death,  my thoughts drifted to memories of him as I was driving home. Flipping through the radio stations, I was shocked to hear “Gypsy” begin. Some may say it was coincidence, but I choose to think of it as his way of saying hello.

Fast forward to last night.  I was sitting in class,laptop open to his PowerPoint Notes, and attempting to listen to my professor  as he droned on.  I glanced down at my backpack and was shocked to see this:image

It took me by surprise, but then it quickly had a much deeper, funnier meaning. Did you know ladybugs are associated with luck, fertility and the afterlife?  Some people may just think it’s a bug on my backpack. I choose to think of it as my dads way of saying: “Get off Facebook and listen to your professor….”

I hear you loud and clear, Dad.


One thought on “Ladybugs & the Afterlife

  1. I didn’t realize ladybugs were associated with the afterlife with anyone other than myself, funny I just started my own blog about Ladybugs and the Afterlife – I am finally documenting all of my ladybug encounters I’ve had since my Dad passed. Then I googled ladybugs and afterlife and came across your blog. Love it!

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