It’s My First Time….

So my first week as a graduate student is in the books, and if I could give it a title, it could be “Cherry Popping Time”.  No longer a CSULB virgin, my first week was rich with lots of first’s.

So, in no particular order, here are my just a few of them:

Tuesday was the first day of class. Anxiety, excitement and curiosity was running high, and I loved every second I was on campus. Since I commute over an hour to get to school, I plan on being on campus all day,and I pack accordingly: laptop, gym bag, purse,cooler ( I eat every 3 hours, so I pack a really big sack lunch ). imageIt’s a lot to carry around, and  I was excited to learn that students in my department get the privilege of renting out one of these lockers for the whole semester. imageYeah, no more lugging 4 bags around like a pack mule, and dragging around sweaty gym clothes is not the best way to make friends. Showering is also helpful. 😉

First words out of my professors mouth:  “Yeah, we’re not gonna be here ’till 10… we’ll get out early every night.” ( YES!!!)

First time I  heard the words “Independent Variable”, “Absolute Error” & “Monosynaptic Pathway” in a sentence, and all in one breath.

First work out at the Student Wellness & Recreation Center (SWRC). The place is THE pick up joint if you are single!image

Thursday brought some more unusual “first’s”:

First time I ever witnessed a guy walk 100 yards across the courtyard in nothing but a speedo and goggles. WOW!

First time I ever met Misty May, the Olympic volleyball player. Good for her for returning to CSULB to celebrate the one year anniversary of the SWRC.image

My first meeting with my Stats professor. Dry wit, female and a background in Motor Learning. This could work. Her only flaw is  her favoring the “Oregon” belief system versus  the “Penn State” line of  thinking, about theories in biomechanics and kinesiology….   She’s a Duck, and my house bleeds blue and white, so I might have to tread lightly. Actually, on second thought,  I think I’m gonna march into class next week in my Happy Valley sweatshirt and Nittany Lion hat and just wait and watch. I’ll let you know what happens. I can also  just mention the 1995 Rose Bowl.

My first week studying. It’s been a while, and my brain is mad at me due to the 60 or so pages of reading I’ve done, and the endless notes I have typed. I think by the end of the journey, I will speak in “bullet point”.

That being said, I just have to share how AWESOME Adobe Digital Editions is. I downloaded a 500 page book onto my laptop in under a minute. No more lugging numerous textbooks around! I wish publishing companies would follow suit and get digital. Sadly, my fellow students studying to be chiropractors would have to find a new major.

So, needless to say, it was a relatively painless first week, and I’m so glad it’s over.   😉


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